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A world-class, no-fee, independent school for disadvantaged students


All Australian children, regardless of background, have access to a world-class school education.


To provide an outstanding, no-fee school that closes the achievement gap and demonstrates that it is possible for all schools to provide an excellent education.


  • Close the achievement gap for our students

  • Prepare students for successful and fulfilling lives

  • Prove a successful school model that can be scaled


Population growth requires hundreds of new schools to be built across Australia over the next decade.

Australia’s school performance is continuing to decline in both absolute and relative terms despite major investments in education funding and policy reform over the past 10+ years.

There is a large achievement gap for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. By Year 9, disadvantaged students are 30 months behind their more advantaged peers.

A generation of students are being left behind. There is an urgent need for a new approach that goes beyond incremental improvement. 

The problem we are trying to solve

  1. High expectations

  2. World-class teachers and rigorous curriculum

  3. Focus on teacher-student relationships

  4. Data driven and evidence-based

  5. Accessible to all

A school model that applies evidence-based best practices that have been utilised in leading schools across the world with proven success in closing the achievement gap.

Our school model will rest on the following foundations for success:

Our contribution to the solution




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